15" nylon saddle in Brown by Big Horn


Big Horn Synthetic Nylon Trail Saddle with Round Skirt available in your choice of Black or Brown. Comes with grainout padded seat and more. Made in the USA.

No. A00113 - 13" Roughout padded seat.
No. A00103 - 14" Roughout padded seat.
No. A00101 - 15" Roughout padded seat.
No. A00265 - 16" Roughout padded seat.

No. A00114 - 13" Roughout padded seat.
No. A00104 - 14" Roughout padded seat.
No. A00102 - 15" Roughout padded seat.
No. A00264 - 16" Roughout padded seat.

Tree: Ralide 13" barrel front, quarter horse bars. 
Cantle: 4" with 1 1/2" leather cantle binding. 
Rigging: 7/8 position, stainless steel dees. 
Seat: Roughout Padded See above for seat sizes
Trim: Synthetic Nylon skirts, housings and fenders, leather conchos, leather front and cantle binding, padded leather seat.

Skirts: for all numbers above:(13"- 22" x 10") (14"- 23" x 10") (15"- 24" x 10") (16"- 27" x 10")

Fenders: For all numbers above: (13" & 14" seats = 15" x 6") (15" & 16" seats = 18" x 8")

Color: See numbers above - Black or Brown
Weight: Approximately 18lbs.

Made in the USA

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