Big Horn Synthetic 19" No. A00256

Big Horn Synthetic 19" saddle, brown. Qtr horse bars

a0169.176.180.256webBig Horn Synthetic Saddles Up to 19” on Wood Fiberglass tree.

No. A00169 –16" Seat, Brown
No. A00170 –16" Seat, Black
No. A00176 –17" Seat, Brown
No. A00175 –17" Seat, Black
No. A00179 –18" Seat, Black
No. A00180 –18" Seat, Brown
No. A00256 –19" Seat, Brown

Tree: Fiberglass covered wood tree, quarter horse bars
Cantle: 4" with 1 1/2" Cheyenne roll.
Seat: 19" roughout padded.
Horn: 3" x 2 1/2".
Gullet Width: Medium Plus.
Gullet Height: 6 1/4".
Rigging: 7/8 position single front rigging, heavy stainless steel dee.
16"–27 1/2" x 12 1/2".
17"–28" x 12 1/2", fleece lined.
18" & 19"–29 1/2" x 12 1/2", fleece lined.
Fenders: (16"- 18" x 8")  (17", 18", 19"- 20" x 9") with 2" leather reinforced nylon stirrup.
Stirrups: Ralide® with laced leather foot pad.
Finish: Brown or black.
Trim: Smooth leather front and jockeys, synthetic nylon skirts, fenders and housings, leather conchos, breast collar dees, dees for attaching saddle strings.
Weight: 20 lbs.

Made in the USA

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