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Waffle Weave Saddle Pads - Tired of saddle pads that slip, bunch up, collect lots of hair, create hot spots and more? It's time you tried the Tacky-Tack non-slip saddle pad. Made of a 4 - 6 layer construction of foam coated polyester fabric, that will not stain, discolor, dry out or tear under normal use.

The high density foam is non absorbent. That means less odor, less debris and horse hair. This all adds up to a new level of comfort for you and your horse.
Waffle Weave saddle pads are not only non-slip they are easy to clean, quick drying, soft, ventilated and durable! Hand or machine wash and simple allow to air dry. They also come in an assortment of colors.

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Waffle Weave Pads


Blue 25oz Tacky Tack Pad

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